​ Please give us a call if you would like to be put on our waiting list.
  A deposit is required to reserve your puppy for pickup at 8 weeks.
  We are devoted to the Toy Fox Terrier breed and are involved in all aspects of the breed fancy to assure it's preservation as a domestic purebred canine subspecies.
  Our dogs are our pets first but our focus is to produce healthy, happy Toy Fox Terriers of the highest quality. Our puppies sold as family companions are actually show quality. Both come from the same litters. The requirement that they be spayed/neutered is all that separates your family companion from one of our top show dogs.  Pet or Show, both make wonderful family companions.
 We breed on a very limited basis. All breedings are planned in well in advance based on conformation to the AKC Standard of Perfection for Toy Fox Terriers. Temperment, personality, good overall health and longevity are factored in to each decision we make when planning our breedings . Our puppies are lovingly home raised, healthy and well socialized. "Famous" Toy Fox Terrier parents are the difference in owning a Barbary Toy Fox Terrier!
                   We utilize DNA health testing for all of our dogs
  We feed premium quality food to our dogs.  Puppies are vaccinated & wormed as their age requires.  A written health guarantee is provided with all puppies. 
  Please let us know if you are looking for a top quality show prospect or simply a loving family companion.  A deposit is required to hold your puppy.  Pickup is available after 8 weeks of age. Due to health and safety concerns, we no longer ship so all puppies must be picked up in person by their new owners. If you are flying in we will gladly hold your new puppy to accommodate your travel plans.
To reserve your puppy
If you are interested in adding one of our puppies to your family you can send us an email by using the "Contact Us" link. You can also reach us by phone at (530) 741-3333.  Best time is afternoon. PDT/PST.

Our Puppies Have Arrived...  3 Girls!  Scroll Down For New Photos
AKC Champion Sire and Dam. These little girls and guys will have beautiful conformation. If you are searching for a TFT to show in AKC conformation events or would like to explore the world of AKC performance events or simply want a new family member. These girls have the potential to become enthusiastic show dogs, agility competitors or as fierce barn hunters.  Should you simply want a loving pet, one of these girls would be happy to just be your devoted family companion.
 Available to go to their new homes at 8 weeks, a deposit is required to hold your special puppy.
 Your new puppy comes current on vaccinations and we provide a written health guarantee. 
  Call (530) 741-3333 or for email please use the "Contact Us" feature on the last link.

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 3 Girls