The Toy Fox Terrier or TFT as he is known to his friends, is a highly intelligent toy dog with a big dog personality.
  Small, short haired & athletic, he is a devoted little dog of immense character & charm.
  His predominetly white body with solid colored head is accented with body spots. The erect V shaped ears are his trademark.
  Weight at maturity is 4-8 lbs. Height at the shoulder is 8 1/2" - 11 1/2".  Healthy & long lived, it is common to find spunky individuals living to 17 years or more.

 The breed is friendly, happy, curious & confidant by nature. He loves life, his friends & his toys in equal measure well into his golden years!
 Historically seen in circus acts (see our circus dog gallery below), the TFT is a quick learner, is highly trainable & therefore well suited for agility competition, obedience or service work. Self assured and charismatic, he knows no stranger.
  The show ring finds him in his own spotlight, impressing the crowd with his amazing performance!   Breed lore places the origins of the Toy Fox Terrier on the farms of Middle America in the last century where a smaller Terrier was utilized to control rodent populations in barns & outbuildings.
It is thought that the "runts" of litters of Smooth Fox Terriers were retained as breeding stock & crossed with several Toy Breeds to create the diminutive Toy Fox Terrier we see today.
  Prized as determined hunters & loving companions, these small ratters could squeeze into tight spaces to seek out their rodent quarry. So cherished was this tenacious little companion, their masters were said to have packed up the plucky little Terriers in their saddle bags to accompany them in their days work on the ranch. The breed has retained their hunting & working instincts to this day.
  As an apartment dweller, in the family home or out on the ranch, the versatile TFT makes the perfect companion in any setting. As a family pet or fishing buddy, the charming TFT has proven to be highly adaptable family member. They have a natural affinity with children, interacting in their play. 
They make excellent canine companions in any home.
 It is no wonder why the breed has developed such a loyal following.

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