Welcome To Our Wonderful World Of Toy Fox Terriers!
 Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California's historic Gold Country, we are a small but highly successful home based hobby breeder. Our Toy Fox Terriers are our winning show dogs on the weekends, but they are our devoted & loving family companions everyday of the year!
 Whether you are looking for a Toy Fox Terrier to join your family as a house pet, a top quality show prospect for serious AKC/UKC conformation, agility or obedience competition, contact us. We may have just the right puppy for you! 
 If you are considering the TFT as a choice for your next family member and simply want more information, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about this great little breed!
We also offer stud service to our exceptional Champion males to approved AKC/UKC registered girls. Overnight delivery of "fresh chilled semen" via FedEx is available. "Live cover" is also available by shipping to Sacramento International Airport.
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  We are home to America's top winning AKC registered Toy Fox Terriers and proudly hold the esteemed designation as an AKC Breeder Of Merit.
  We are proud to share our dogs, our art & photography as well as general information on this happy, healthy & intelligent little breed on the following pages. 
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